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SharePoint Fabian Blog-2013 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The Louvre Museum has 8.5 million visitors per year. This blog was viewed about 100,000 times in 2013. If it were an exhibit at the Louvre Museum, it would take about 4 days for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

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Wrap-up on my SPSDC Workflow Session


Another year and another successful even by the Organizers (Dan, Adam, Rachel) and all the Volunteers at SharePoint Saturday Washington D.C. – Reston.  I was honored to be an accepted speaker and I delivered this session “The Evolution of Workflows in SharePoint 2013 – A Story about External Calls with REST & JSON”.  This was truly a magnificent event with a great turn out, good mix of attendees, and they were very engaged, asked serious and deliberate questions , and didn’t even mind as yet again i go a little bit over in my Live Demos.


Its always great to meet face to face the folks that you interact with daily on social media in our SharePoint community, foster new relationships, maintain old ones, and Share a Pint at the end of a day where we all walk away with a bit more knowledge in this technology we all share. I was very please for all the attendees that made my session ‘standing room only’ and if any of you all have pics, please email them to me, i would really appreciate them for my blog post. 

My Slide deck may be picked up here


What’s Next

Make sure to attend the inaugural #SharePoint Saturday, the one that started it all SharePoint Saturday Virginia Beach on January 11th 2014 & of course stop by my session (well after you register here) on Optimizing your SharePoint 2013 with BCS an External Data where we will discuss strategies, security and all the various models to interact with your LOB systems.

As well, I will be delivering three (3) Sessions at SharePoint Conference 2014 March 3rd through 6th 2014 (#SPC14 or @SPConf) in Vegas check out this link for my sessions.

I hope to see you there.

See oonuh latah

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Wrap-up on my SharePoint BCS SPLive360 Sessions


On October 10th 2013 i blogged Come see my three session at SPLive360 in Orlando in an effort to promote and create awareness/buzz around my delivery at the event Andrew Connell and Dan Holme put on.  I have to tell you it was a fantastic event, with a slew of talented speakers, engaged and energetic audience who were involved in my session from beginning to end. I delivered 3 sessions on BCS:

  1. SPH14 Case Study: When Should I Use SharePoint 2013 Business Connectivity Services (BCS) and When Should I Use SharePoint 2013 Workflows to Interact with External
  2. SPW11 No-Code CRUD Business Connectivity Services (BCS) Solutions Using SharePoint Designer 2013
  3. SPW02 What’s New with SharePoint Business Connectivity Services (BCS) and OData Services


and by the third session I was able to see and count out at least 50% of the folks who attended my earlier sessions in my last session. Even with the first session being first of the day 0915 & the second and third being right after lunch, the session attendees were eager to learn and contribute their perspectives on the content delivered.


It is with that recognition that i would like to express thanks to the Event Co Chairs Andrew Connell and Dan Holme for accepting me to speak at this event as well as the Event Organizers SP Live 360 for putting on such a well organized and excellent event.  The hotel was spectacular, the rooms and technical staff on point and always available, and overall flow was spot on. 

My Slide deck was delivered to the event organizers but can also be picked up here as well.

What’s Next

If you are in the DC Metro area December 7th 2013 stop by my session (well after you register here) on Workflows using REST API, JSON and all in SharePoint Designer 2013.

As well, I will be delivering three (3) Sessions at SharePoint Conference 2014 March 3rd through 6th 2014 (#SPC14 or @SPConf) in Vegas so keep an eye on the website for times and dates.


Cheers & Irie!

See oonuh lateah

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Come see my three session at SPLive360 in Orlando

What am I speaking on

I am honored to be accepted to speak at this auspicious event led by co-Chairs Andrew Connell and Dan Holme this November 18th through 22nd, at the Royal Pacific Resort at Universal in Orlando, Florida. I will be delivering three sessions

  1. SPH14 Case Study: When Should I Use SharePoint 2013 Business Connectivity Services (BCS) and When Should I Use SharePoint 2013 Workflows to Interact with External
  2. SPW11 No-Code CRUD Business Connectivity Services (BCS) Solutions Using SharePoint Designer 2013
  3. SPW02 What’s New with SharePoint Business Connectivity Services (BCS) and OData Services

SAVE MORE when your REGISTER by using PromoCode: SPLSP21


What to expect?

if you have ever been to any of my sessions before, you will know it is highly interactive, and we remain in dialog for the entire time. My demos will incorporate your ideas and challenges, therefore we all walk away winners!

Indeed, there is a good mix for just about everybody over these three sessions; Im actually getting back to my BCS roots after spending the last few months, maybe a year now i think focusing in large part on Workflows and External Data. Infact, the Case Study session is all about how to make the decision of using a Workflow v/s using BCS.

Emphasis on External Data

All these sessions have a common theme…External Data… and in that vein, we will begin the sessions by discussing various types of External Data, their entry point to SharePoint and also how to manipulate them in the browser and Fiddler. I feel it is important for us to get/set our expectations of what our desired results should be before we get too far into the technical weeds of how SharePoint can expose/surface this data.

At this very moment of blog authorship [October, 10, 2013 1721 hrs] Im actually building out my Data Services, different flavors (Native SQL, oData, WCF) so we can have a few interaction points and see full CRUD-Q capacities between SharePoint Designer and Visual Studio.


As we work in a world consumed by data, we are often challenged to make sense out of it, i.e. get INFORMATION from DATA, and the speed to which you can accomplish that usually will determine your success over another. My job in these sessions is to demonstrate various techniques to that end (the HOW), and also in the case of the Case Study Session, engage you in conversation as to the WHY.


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Fabian Williams speaking at SharePoint Live


I’ll be speaking at SharePoint Live!, November 18-22 in Orlando, FL http://bit.ly/SPLSP21 Surrounded by your fellow industry professionals, SharePoint Live! provides you with immediately usable training and education that will keep you relevant in the workforce.

I’ll be presenting the following sessions:

  1. Case Study: When should I Use SharePoint 2013 Business Connectivity Services (BCS) and When SharePoint 2013 Workflows to interact with External
  2. No-Code CRUD Business Connectivity Services (BCS) Solutions Using SharePoint Designer 2013
  3. What’s New with SharePoint Business Connectivity Services (BCS) and OData Services


As a speaker, I can extend $500 savings on the 5-day package. Register here

In Summary

Get all the practical, independent SharePoint training you’ll need at SharePoint Live! Orlando — bring the issues that keep you up at night and prepare to leave this event with the answers, guidance and training you need. 

Register now: http://bit.ly/SPLSP21

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SharePoint Saturday Columbus Wrap-up


I want to say a special thank you to all the organizers and volunteers that made SharePoint Saturday Columbus (#SPSBUS on twitter) such an amazing success.  Im sure there are more than I am about to include here so forgive me if I do:

Make sure you follow this team above for more SharePoint goodness from Columbus Ohio. Also a special thanks to all the sponsors, without them, this event would not be possible, you may find a list of the sponsors here

I had a fantastic time, I sat in a few sessions, learned a bit about JavaScript, Durandal, and Knockout, all things I need to get better at, SharePint was a blast, especially when the Buckeyes Play ball 🙂 I am looking forward to my next visit to Columbus. As my blog post asks, Request Me To Speak again please for a SPUG or next event. I made some awesome new local friends, and that is always an added bonus.

Fantastic event guys!!! You guys rock. and Im rocking the speaker Hoodie. thanks for posting the pic @spmcdonough 

Request Fabian Williams

My Session

As with most of my sessions that I do, they are entirely interactive with lots and lots of real time demos. My slide deck is here, go grab it, and remember that most of the demos I do typically have a blog post attached, that way you can always come back to learn more.

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SharePoint Saturday New York 2013 Wrap-up


Year after year the organizers and volunteers that put on SharePoint Saturday New York City #spsnyc do an amazing job and the intensity and excellence keeps getting better year after year.  Fantastic Job Rebecca “Becky” I, Greg G, Jason G, Tasha S, Tom D, Brandon B, Casey S, and the rest of the crew too many to name.

This year it felt like on all level it came together even with the late lunch 🙂 The audience was exceptionally knowledgeable and engaging, we had fun while learning; i guess it helps that I actually have been seeing them for many years know and we treat each other like extended family.  Even though next year we will be in a new Venue, I will miss the Microsoft facility across form the Hilton where the Halal GUys have their truck.

Regarding my Preso, Deck, Session Information

So, as noted in my presentation, and for those of you that know the way I deliver sessions, I do a lot of demos, hardly any slides. This time however, my session was based on a 2 part blog post I did, I requested that my session attendees not take notes because the blog post will be more information that you had in the session, so please pick it up here

Finally a SharePoint Designer that Developers and BAs will Love – This is the Part 1 of what would have come before the session you sat in and

Part 2 of Finally a SharePoint Designer that Developer and BAs will Love – This is reflective of the session you had

Thank you all for attending, hope to see you again next year.


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SharePoint Evolution Conference 2013 Commentary

Fabian’s Take…

Like any great story, I will adopt some foreshadowing, in that I will tell you from the onset that, as mindblowingly exceptional as I expected the event to be, it surpassed every expectation I had.  Indeed I was advised, “…pace yourself, each day gets better than the next…” and that advice was given on Sunday before the event kick started by AC @andrewconnell and CJ @LoungeFlyZ over brunch.  By EOD Wednesday, I was enthralled with how Steve @SteveSmithCK Smith, Zoe Watson, and the rest of the Combined Knowledge Team assembled a well coordinated event, AAA+ Speakers, a well versed, knowledgeable, and engaged attendee base. Topping that off, as a speaker… man, believe me when I tell you it doesn’t get better than that, and while I can tell you stories about how good the Speaker Dinner event was, how the Event Social was captivating, its the subtle details like coming back from Speaker dinner to find a shoebox in your hotel suite with gifts and memorabilia to commemorate the event.


Guys, you  did a fantastic job, Aces!!!

The Sessions are Awesome

So, while i cant find any pictures of my sessions, I was so excited to present, that I didn’t ask anyone to take a picture of the room, but hopefully one of my dear speaker colleagues & attendees took one that they can send to me, but for now, Ill showcase Andrew Connell’s session to which I attended, as well as a bunch of other top notch speakers.


and this is just one section filled with speakers ready to soak up knowledge



Can you pick them out… and behind me there were quite a few others as well. Great session by the way AC, cant wait for the blog post. My take away from that session was learning about Durandal and other JavaScript tools are out there to aid the C# Developer who has to now be a master of JavaScript.

The Social and Party Events

Well, you have to be there to experience it, many people have tried to explain it to me, and it was all mindblowing but this year (my first year you must understand) I have been told was EPIC. Ill try to share just a few things here in this post.

Event Social is below


Next Speaker Dinner which started out with a Duck Bus Tour on the River Thames by Parliament and back to our Dinner at the Tower of London.


This was all good, but because of the event of that day Members of Parliament were outside overlooking the Thames and of course, me being me, I waved to say hello, and guess what, a few waved back.. here is the video of that

After that we were scooped away to the Tower of London for Dinner where the place setting would meet Hyacinth “Bouquet” Bucket standards, the meal was excellent the company at the table superb, great place setting gang.

We were met by.. these folks


place setting below


During dinner we were captivated by real live accounts of World War II events by actual members of the armed forces who were present & had the medals to prove it, I forgot what these select few of individuals that are permitted to do this in the London Tower are called [as provided by Mark Stokes they are called Chelsea Pensioners], but as far as I know, there are only 36 of them in the world that have an award they all have, and we had 3 at our dinner. As a former armed forces member, i was so proud to take this picture below




In the last few days I got my Oyster Card, a Map, and took off to discover London, when you find me in person Ill tell you the rest, but trust me when i tell you whether you are an Attendee or Speaker, SharePoint Evolution Conference IS a MUST GO for you. My Slide Deck and Session will be made available via DVD, trust me if i gave it to you now it wont make any sense, because it was mainly DEMOS’ I love Demos as many of you already know.


Till the next time Cheers

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and with this post my Blog is now back on WordPress

Why the move

After two plus (2+) years hosting my blog on SharePoint 2010, I have either missed out on a proper authoring tool that will keep my formatting, properly manage my photo uploads, and most importantly manage my comments in such a way that spam is at least kept to a minimum and provide me with good stats on site interactions.

Why now?

Well why not now? But I think the impetus stemmed from the fact that people still came to my WordPress blog even though it has officially been retired for like 2+ years and the stats have been phenomenal. How do you argue with stats like below, when nothing has been new on the site for some time.


What’s next?

So, over the next days, weeks, perhaps 1 month, i will be transferring the content of my SharePoint 2010 blog (http://www.sharepointfabian.com/blog ) site over to this blog (https://fabiangwilliams.wordpress.com ) and for now I will have a HTTP redirect to point folks here if they go to the SP2010 blog, I have 2 years of blogs over there, so it may take some time. 

Theme change? Possibly

And after having this look and feel for that time, i think i may spruce it up with new themes and widgets, but that will come later on.

Upcoming Posts

And perhaps this is one major reason why i am doing this now, I want to blog my experience at the SharePoint Evolution Conference in London UK last week, and I really want to gather comments and feedback, both of which were not possible on my SP 2010 Blog site.


I still LOVE SharePoint, but after looking at the investments MS have put in to its Blog capabilities, which IMO is none… (and Im not talking Social here), its time to go back to a platform that makes such investments.

Chat to y’all soon, Cheers.

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What is my session at SharePoint Evolution Conference about you ask

This blog serves to provide some insight on the session that I will be speaking on at the SharePoint Evolutions Conference that commences on April 15th 2013

What is the SharePoint Evolution Conference

For that, Ill give you two two point of references. (1) is my blog post on the fact that I have been invited to speak there, you may find it here and (2) is the link to the conference web site here.  I will tell you this however right here, I have been told that if you attend any conference, this one should be at the top of your list. This is my first time, and i have goose pimples already 🙂

I will be in the Global Community Rutherford Room and my session is at 4:00pm – 5:00pm Local time on Monday, 15 April, 2013 (yes i went with the UK way of Calendar Dates lol)

What is my session about

I have been invited to speak on the new Community Track at the SharePoint Evolution Conference. The conference states "…One of the great things about Community sessions is that they always bring a new perspective on challenges and methods that companies have had to adopt in order to make SharePoint work for them. Real world, thought provoking and not always the obvious solution to a problem."

What you will see in this session is sanitized with a fictitious entity, however the essence of the work remains. process flow and all i.e. the integrity of the logic remains intact.

Business Process Reengineering

In a nutshell that is what my session  about, but more specifically its Business Process Reengineering what was a manual paper process with the single communication vehicle being Email to a process where we have a totally push driven automated approach to the process.  We will look at the Visio Charts that define the Requirements Analysis and how that ‘evolved’ over time. We will peek briefly inside the tooling that created these various solutions, we will NOT delve into code, this is not that kind of session, but Id be happy to do one like it, infact I have blogged some of those solutions bit by bit already, just not as one cohesive story. We will fire off the Workflow to see how it works for the pertinent bits and discuss the benefits that are provided in differing solutions.  Finally I will show you what I have done in my spare time taking the same logic and redoing some of the efforts inside my Development Office 365 SharePoint Online and the amazing results in that exercise… yeah, it works! Using Workflow Stages in SharePoint Designer 2013 for ‘State Machine’ transitions and the new Looping capabilities therein as well, it wasn’t that hard…

Here is my Agenda


The entire project, well, the project is still ongoing but it started in November 2012 and we are currently in Testing.

Iteration 1 – Explore OOB Solutions to accomplish the goals

Iteration 2 – Custom Code a Solution using Visual Studio 2010 on SharePoint 2010 On Prem

Iteration 3 – Use K2 Studio as a solution on SharePoint 2010 On Prem

My Vision – Use SharePoint Online Office 365 (SharePoint 2013) and SharePoint Designer 2013 ‘only’


So, on Monday 15 April 2013 for the Last Session of the day, come see this session, I know Im up against some big name too, so this is/was my pitch 🙂

I hope to see you there


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