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Video How To: Create a Multi Master Relationship with SharePoint 2010 BCS External List using SharePoint Designer 2010

Synopsis:  In this video webcast I am doing the following:

  • Using multiple (two) disparate LOB Systems
    • Two Independent SQL Server Databases
    • Separate Security Model
    • No Explicit Relationship between data elements
  • Using two External Content Types in SPD 2010
  • Using two External List in SharePoint
  • Creating a Site Page to establish a Multi Master Page which will allow one to key off a data element and see detail information resulting from another LOB System.

Follow this link or click the image below: http://www.screencast.com/t/NzJiOWMzZDQ


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Video How To: SharePoint Designer 2010 Beta create External Content Type consumed in SharePoint External List

Screen cast on how to create an External Content Type in SharePoint Designer 2010 Beta and surface data in SharePoint External List.


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