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Wrap-up on my SharePoint BCS SPLive360 Sessions


On October 10th 2013 i blogged Come see my three session at SPLive360 in Orlando in an effort to promote and create awareness/buzz around my delivery at the event Andrew Connell and Dan Holme put on.  I have to tell you it was a fantastic event, with a slew of talented speakers, engaged and energetic audience who were involved in my session from beginning to end. I delivered 3 sessions on BCS:

  1. SPH14 Case Study: When Should I Use SharePoint 2013 Business Connectivity Services (BCS) and When Should I Use SharePoint 2013 Workflows to Interact with External
  2. SPW11 No-Code CRUD Business Connectivity Services (BCS) Solutions Using SharePoint Designer 2013
  3. SPW02 What’s New with SharePoint Business Connectivity Services (BCS) and OData Services


and by the third session I was able to see and count out at least 50% of the folks who attended my earlier sessions in my last session. Even with the first session being first of the day 0915 & the second and third being right after lunch, the session attendees were eager to learn and contribute their perspectives on the content delivered.


It is with that recognition that i would like to express thanks to the Event Co Chairs Andrew Connell and Dan Holme for accepting me to speak at this event as well as the Event Organizers SP Live 360 for putting on such a well organized and excellent event.  The hotel was spectacular, the rooms and technical staff on point and always available, and overall flow was spot on. 

My Slide deck was delivered to the event organizers but can also be picked up here as well.

What’s Next

If you are in the DC Metro area December 7th 2013 stop by my session (well after you register here) on Workflows using REST API, JSON and all in SharePoint Designer 2013.

As well, I will be delivering three (3) Sessions at SharePoint Conference 2014 March 3rd through 6th 2014 (#SPC14 or @SPConf) in Vegas so keep an eye on the website for times and dates.


Cheers & Irie!

See oonuh lateah


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