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Meet Fabian Williams at the SharePoint Symposium Washington DC Renaissance November 17,2010

I will be part of a panel called “Stump the SharePoint Consultant” between 10:45 am to 11:30 am – Track 3 SharePoint Ecosystem


I know a few of these panelist also and I am sure it will be a great discussion forum.  Looking forward to seeing you there.



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Code from Fabian Williams Session at SharePoint Saturday DC Federal on Linq to SharePoint

As promised here is the code… I may blog the experience also

please pick up the code on my SharePoint 2010 Blog. It is in three text file or one zip File.


Screen shots are below so you can remember where they were in my session

My Deck is also located there.






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A little teaser for Fabian Session at SharePoint Saturday DC Federal at Booz Allen Hamilton McLean

So it is 3 am and I have just finished my Lab, as my Hard Drive died and as usual I am traveling all over the place, I just had the time to get this done. But it is good. Come see my session on Linq to SharePoint http://www.sharepointsaturday.org/dcfederal/meetings/17/LINQtoSharePointWhatisitHowdoIUseit.aspx

Here is a Code Snippet of what I have in store for you


Coding how to aggregate data from SQL Server, Pre Existing List in SharePoint and Console data. with Logic to discriminate


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